WorkLifeSuccess: Find 4% & Get Ahead

4% of an hour is 2 minutes and 24 seconds. Do you have an extra 1/25 of an hour for the most important activity of your life?  You get to decide what the activity is. 

Maybe it’s working on your new strategic partnership to exceed expectations. Or maybe it’s exercising to drop the extra 25# you’re carrying and boost your performance.  It’s your choice. Choose something that makes impact and watch the results accumulate. Educate yourself or make an extra phone call to initiate a business relationship. Pick something. You will see your results skyrocket.

4% of the 16 hours that most people are awake each day is 38 minutes… accumulating like money in the bank. Imagine what you could do with an extra 38 minutes per day.

If you did this every day of the week, you would have an extra 4 hours and 28 minutes by week’s end. That’s over a half-day more than your competition. Think about it. Just by setting aside a little less than 2 1/2 minutes out of every hour.

In a year, you’ve got an extra 233+ hours to get ahead in your game. If other people are working 40 hour weeks, you’ve got more than 5 of those weeks over and above them per year, easily an extra month. Not that this is a competition. It’s just a way to get ahead. Remember, you get to decide what that activity is. Make this a discipline. Find 4%. You will reign supreme.

Every hour. 2 1/2 minutes. An extra 5 weeks per year. Get ahead.