• 09.11.09

Infographic of the Day: Visualizing’s Commenters

Manuel Tan has created an intriguing way to browse the avalanche of comments on Digg

Digg comments

The comments that attend stories on the social news site are a zoo–but an interesting zoo nonetheless. That is, if you’ve got the patience to wade through all the junk that you don’t want to read.


To solve that problem, Manuel Tan, over at, has designed this fascinating visualization tool. The comments are visualized in a 3-D pinwheel which you can manipulate with your cursor. Comments that have been voted up get bigger slices in the wheel. The site lets you cycle through stories on Digg.

Descriptions don’t do it justice. Check it out.

Digg comments

It’s loads of fun–and it’s also interesting to think about, when you consider something like Twitter. With the cacophony of voices on the site, it’s becoming harder and harder to navigate your way through it, unless you watch your feeds like a hawk. Shouldn’t you be able to design a navigation tool like this one, which leads you directly to what’s important/amusing/cool?

[Via Data Visualization]

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