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How to Make the Best Damn Facebook Notifier for Mac

Facebook just released their first experimental desktop app. It's a menu-bar add on for Mac OS X called "desktop notifications," but once it's installed, it does more than notify—but not much more. You can update your status, as well as see the arrival of new status updates and messages for your friends.


If that sounds useful, you can download it here. (Above, a screenshot, courtesy of Facebook, which also shows Growl notifications popping up.) But for Mac owners, it's definitely not the best Facebook solution. What's better? Make a Fluid app, and it will be fully interactive and look like this:

Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 4.17.48 PM

Fluid is the best Mac application that no one talks about. It allows you to take a Web site and turn it into a desktop app that runs from your Dock. Like the menu-bar thing? Your Fluid app can be turned into a menu-bar app as well. All you do is plug in the URL, and bam, you have a desktop app.



Now you can take that lovely new app and put it into the menu bar by clicking into the Facebook app menu, and choosing, "Convert to MenuExtra SSB."


But using the whole site as a menu item is a little bulky, even if you expand the window. So create another Fluid app—but this time use Facebook's iPhone site as the URL:

You'll notice when you fire up your new iPhone Facebook Fluid app that it goes back to the normal Facebook screen. Don't be disappointed. Go back into the Facebook app menu, and go to User Agent —-> Mobile Safari 1.1.3. Then voila: mobile Facebook.


Go back to the Facebook app menu, and click Convert to MenuExtra SSB, as you did earlier, and you have a fully interactive menu bar icon that looks just like the iPhone app.