Best of TreeHugger: The Van Jones Controversy, Solar Powered iPhone Skins, and the Latest Shady Marketing Trend: Localwashing

Why the Glenn Beck-aided ousting of Van Jones could be trouble for Obama’s green leadership, some stunning new solar gear for iPods and iPhones, and how greenwashing is taking a backseat to a brand new shady marketing trend: “localwashing”.


Controversy began over the weekend the resignation of Van
Obama’s Special Adviser for Green Jobs. Fox TV host Glenn Beck was largely responsible, engaging in a campaign designed to smear Jones for being a ‘radical’ and a ‘communist’–and now he’s on the warpath, and calling for more heads.


Greenwashing is now a well-recognized force in advertising.
Hot on its heels comes a new breed of marketing deception bent on exploiting environmental trends: “Localwashing”.

In what could be a catastrophe for Toyota, the Prius is
facing a US ban due to patent infringement
.  In other green auto news, Indian electric car
company REVA is launching two new models
which will begin production next year.

Solar rooftop installation is booming, and utility companies
are beginning to look for ways to quell the growth.
Eco cities are still moving forward against all odds.

The new prime minister-elect of Japan has pledged to cut
by 25% from 1990 levels,
putting the US to shame.


It’s sort of amazing that this doesn’t exist already: a
device that charges your electronics while you ride your bike. Also, the blogosphere has been alight with news of a new solar powered skin for the iPhone and iPod Touch. And finally, while we’re on the subject, Alex Pasternack dives deep into what he terms the Device of Our Lives: the cell phone. He discusses how we can use mobile phones better and longer, the health risks they present, and the (indisputably massive) social and economic impacts they have today.