Disney Hires Halo Creator to Manage Game Developers

alex seropian

Disney hired Alex Seropian, one of the founders of Bungie Studios, to oversee Disney’s video game development houses. Seropian worked on the first two games of the hugely successful Halo franchise, before leaving to create a new studio, Wideload Games. As part of the move, Disney bought Wideload.

Since 2007, Disney has grown its video game investment and acquiring Seropian and his company is part of that strategy. While this is much smaller than the company’s recent move to purchase Marvel Comics, it shows that Disney hopes to continue diversifying its media offerings.

halo 2

What might this mean for gamers? With a creative director overlooking Disney’s game development, titles coming out from now on may see additional polish. Longer term, we could see a slew of Marvel-based games in two or three years–though current publishing deals would prohibit the use of certain characters until the rights expire. Who wouldn’t want an Iron Man or Punisher shooter from some of the folks that brought us Halo?

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