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Philips Takes on Sex Toy Design

The consumer electronics giant–and design titan–is now offering three new sex toys, designed for couples.

phillips sex toyPhilips designs all sorts of wild things, from food concepts for 2030 to stoves for the poor to “emotion shirts” for gamers. And yet this may be the most left-field design we’ve seen from the company: A series of sex toys, designed for couples use. In addition to buzzing–or “purring,” as Philips describes it–one of the toys also heats up. Their intricate contours are meant to suit both male and female erogenous zones.

phillips sex toyThe design is meant to bring a new level of ergonomics to sex toys. The trio of devices is small enough not to intrude on “intimacy.” That is, they’re small and designed to be held effortlessly, so that people can easily add them to their usual contortions. Apparently, they’re the result of conversations with “hundreds” of couples, detailing the in’s and out’s of their sex acts. (Pun intended.)

But frankly, does anyone really want to buy a Philips sex toy? I mean, there are surely some Apple freaks that would love an iVibrator. But is Philips’s brand versatile or sexy enough to pull this off?

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