Sorry Jay-Z Auto Tune Isn’t Dead, T-Pain Has an iPhone App to Spread It to the Masses

Jay-Z may have declared the “Death of Autotune,” but T-Pain, the King of Auto Tune, strikes back with a new iPhone app that helps anyone sing like him.


In the video below, see artists like Keri Hilson, Soulja Boy, and Akon using the “I Am T-Pain” app to help them sound like him.

T-Pain iPhone

Just choose your favorite T-Pain beat, then sing your freestyle verses directly into your iPhone to record and become T-Pain. Well, not exactly, but your voice will sound computer generated. And if you’re happy with the recording, you can upload the track and share it with your friends via email, Facebook or MySpace

Created by Smule, a developer of interactive sonic applications for the iPhone and iPod touch including Ocarina, Leaf Trombone World Stage and Sonic Lighter, the “I Am T-Pain” app features:

  • Authentic Auto-Tune technology by Antares
  • Bundled T-Pain tracks, including lyrics, for singing along alone or with friends
  • The option to record tracks and stream your songs to Facebook and MySpace
  • Freestyle mode–where you create your own songs
  • Additional tracks for purchase, available in the app, via iPhone OS 3.0 features

I Am T-Pain” is available from the iTunes store for $2.99.

Sorry Jay-Z, but with millions of iPhone and iTouch users downloading nearly $200 million worth of apps each month, it looks like T-Pain may have won this round.