What an MBA can’t and won’t teach you!


What an MBA won’t teach you is to start your own business and be successful at it. Yeah they teach you how to write good business plans and make expert presentations to prospects. They do teach you branding, positioning, pricing, or for that matter accounting and finance. But not everything is gelled out for you to take it out and go start a business right after you graduate.


Don’t get me wrong, at least a quarter of the students (in any graduating batch) are there for the ‘badge of honor’ as they say. They want to have the MBA credentials on their resumes to be able to negotiate salary and a good bonus structure. MBA is not for entrepreneurs. MBAs want to quickly justify the cost of their education and often make hasty and reckless decisions. Oftentimes this is a bane to the entrepreneur and his business, which ultimately ends up failing. On the flip side, I am not saying that having an MBA does not make sense. It definitely does! I have one and I am a successful entrepreneur. But I have taken life experiences versus totally relying on bookish knowledge.


It all boils down to one’s experience, passion and penchant for going solo. It is years of experience which gets you there! Your college Entrepreneur 101 course will not teach you how to cope with failure. Life will teach you that.


Starting a new venture and failing is far better than not starting at all! Yeah, some time and money is invested. But you have a satisfaction of achieving solid accomplishments. You gain valuable industry experience. That is far beyond any salary structure or bonus.


So get up and DO something!