Pandora Boosts Its Desktop Music Streaming App to 2.0

Pandora’s already seeing success with its fast 192Kbps streaming Internet music service, and it’s just updated its Pandora One desktop app to version 2.0 with a whole bunch of tweaks that should please users.


Pandora just made the announcement about version 2.0 on its blog page, and the list is pretty interesting:

  • Song history. The last hour of your Pandora listening is now accessible–clicking on the album art activates scrolling arrows that’ll give you access.
  • Track progress bar. Simple–just lets you know how far through the current track you are, and how much is left to go.
  • Track details in Windows. Hovering over the icon in the tray reveals the current song and artist info.
  • App Memory. Pandora now remembers where you placed the icon on the desktop, and what volume level you’d previously selected.
  • Song transitions sped up. Again, pretty simple, and makes the process of skipping a song to get to the next one much swifter.

All these tweaks are pretty minor when viewed individually, but together they’ll make the whole app a more useful and more pleasant package to use–and if they sound familiar, then its because some of them have been borrowed from the system’s Web app. There’s still the niggling problem of having to rely on Pandora’s Genome code to select suitable music for you, rather than choosing your own songs, but at least it’s a bit quicker at skipping to the next track.

[via Pandora.Blog]