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Striving vs. Striding

Last week I spent a few amazing days with some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I’ve ever worked with. They chose to invest their time and their money to work with me in a private mentoring capacity, and I, in turn, invest ALL of my expertise, my heart, my lifelong entrepreneurial success (and oh yeah, my ROLODEX).  One of the most important discussions that we had was about striving versus striding. You see, striving is stressful. We THINK it’s ingenuity and nose-to-the-grindstone hard work, but hey, who wants their nose on a GRINDSTONE anyway? 

You see, STRIVING is either reaching for something you don’t have, trying to pull something toward you or push something away from you. You are literally living in the future, and you won’t be happy until you’ve reached your goal. Striding, however, taking steps every day to come closer to your goals – well, THAT is balanced, peaceful even. This is true simply because you acknowledge your forward momentum daily as you move closer to the outcome you desire.

When you are striding, you are more present, you are in the here and now, you aren’t suffering until you reach a fantastical goal in your future. You are ENJOYING your process. And since you’re more mentally present, since you aren’t fighting or resisting where you are, you are able to adapt and see opportunities that present themselves along the way. (Myopic STRIDING toward a goal can literally leave you blinded to not only opportunities, but the PEOPLE around you also.)  So whether you choose to strive or stride, you will very likely reach the same goal. Why not stride? You’ll enjoy the process more, and your team will too!

To YOUR continued success,

Christine Comaford, CEO Freedom Fighter!
CEO of Mighty Ventures, Inc.
NY Times Best Selling Author

PS: To learn more about STRIDING toward your goals (and how to define, set and achieve them WITHOUT losing your mind and your savings account, go to