• 09.01.09

Infographic of the Day: The “Hype Cycle” of Computer-Interface Design

Gartner updates its classic “hype cycle” chart, detailing the expectations surrounding today’s hottest technologies.

Hype Cycle

It’s dizzying, trying to keep straight all the myriad interface technologies under development. That’s why the “Hype Cycle” created by Gartner is a modern classic: Sure, it’s ugly, but it also happens to neatly summarize all of the current trends in computer-interface design. It was recently updated for 2009, and it’s got all the usual suspects, from augmented reality to pico projectors and touchscreens.


You’ll notice that it’s a lot richer in detail than the 2008 version. And a couple technologies, such as AR, seem to be advancing quicker than expected, in the timeline to mainstream adoption. Sure, it’s all a wild guess on Gartner’s part–and we could quibble with many details–but there’s no better guide out there to the relative heat surrounding today’s interface inventions.

Check out the full-size version here.

[Via New Scientist]

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