Thinkers50 Business Guru Competition

A vast collection of short videos of business thinkers and practitioners from around the globe that captures their central messages. Good for quick studies of current thinking on a host of business topics.

The Times of London and McGraw-Hill together sponsor an annual “guru competition” – a World’s Got Talent among management thinkers.  Last year’s winner was CK Prahalad — no big surprise, given his enduring stature, and well deserved given his fascinating  work in the fourth tier.  Check him and others out at .


The winners are chosen on the basis of voting and judging – don’t really know what the mix is.  The criteria are:  

1. Originality of Ideas
Are the ideas and examples used by the thinker original?

2. Practicality of Ideas
Have the ideas promoted by the thinker been implemented in organizations? And, has the implementation been successful?


3. Presentation Style
How proficient is the thinker at presenting his/her ideas orally?

4. Written Communication
How proficient is the thinker at presenting his/her ideas in writing?

5. Loyalty of Followers
How committed are the thinker’s disciples to spreading the message and putting it to work?


6. Business Sense
Do they practice what they preach in their own business?

7. International Outlook
How international are they in outlook and thinking?

8. Rigor of Research
How well researched are their books and presentations?


9. Impact of Ideas
Have their ideas had an impact on the way people manage or think about management?

10. Guru Factor
The clincher: are they, for better or worse, guru material by your definition and expectation?

I am aware of this site because, as you will see if you visit it, I was also invited to be posted in a short video here as well, largely because of my co-authorship of The Leadership Code: 5 Rules to Lead By with Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood.


You may want to check it out, and see what your favorite guru has to say, or meet someone new.  Would be interested to hear your impressions, either on this site, or please email me at