Mozilla Service Week: Volunteerism for the Gen Y Geek

Want those hours of time spent surfing Facebook to make a difference in the world? No joke, here’s your chance: Mozilla, the parent organization behind the Firefox web browser, is sponsoring a “Service Week” September 14th – 21st. There’s a whole slice of the population who lack basic technological know-how…and, desperately want assistance. Service Week is a chance to bring the wonders of the internet to everyone from Seniors who want to open an email picture of their grandchild to non-profits needing a Facebook fan page.

Yes, that’s right: the very skills likely to get you publically scorned from a teacher or boss could now earn you major points with the Karma gods. I, for one, am excited about signing up.

Logistical Difficulties

I wish this wasn’t the case, but finding a volunteer opportunity is a bit of a hassle. Mozilla has decentralized the operation to the point of confusion (a terrible irony for arguably the most successful open source organization ever). Not to discourage you from signing up, just expect to put in a bit of search time.

Even if this year isn’t a smashing success, I hope the Obama administration takes notice of this particularly innovative community service project,

Greg Ferenstein

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