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Sign of the Times: Abandoned KFC Transformed Into Marijuana Dispensary


As the economy worsens and abandoned storefronts continue to pop up on street corners all over the country, we've had the opportunity to learn which industries are virtually recession-proof. For example, California's medical marijuana industry continues to thrive.

Which is why we're not surprised to learn that an out-of-business branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Los Angeles has been repurposed into—you guessed it—the Kind for Cures marijuana dispensary.

It's a clever rebranding—Kind for Cures kept the original building intact, only removing the KFC logo. The new KFC is sure to garner interest with its offer of a free 1/8th of marijuana for first-time customers.

In all seriousness, the KFC/Kind for Cures incident demonstrates the enduring power of the medical marijuana industry. In a time when California is hurting for cash, full legalization and taxation on the drug could help bring the state out of its seemingly never-ending budgetary hole. If and when that happens, a number of designers stand at the ready with branding ideas.

[Via LA Weekly]