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Kidrobot Launches Mobile Scavenger Hunt

Kidrobot DunnyKidrobot fans—who live in NYC and own smartphones—can now download virtual Dunnys—a.k.a. images of the company's latest line, the Dunny Series 2009, which launches September 10.

Dubbed the Dunny Hunt, the 5-day promotional scavenger hunt involves downloading a free app—BeeTagg Reader for the iPhone and a QR Code Reader for other phones—to scan and read QR codes, which send you to URLs for Dunny downloads. Collecting the virtual toys ups your chances of winning. Clues from the Kidrobot newsletter, the Kidrobot store, and its Twitter feed will lead you to the QR codes around the city.

QR codes have long been in use in Japan—from packaging to promotional fliers to brochures—easily scanned by taking a picture with a phone (any regular camera phone works)—but they have yet to be widespread in the U.S. They've been seen more recently though, with a QR code on the cover of The Hills star Lauren Conrad's new book L.A. Candy and in Green Day's promotional materials for their May album "21st Century Breakdown."

The campaign, launched by brand specialists We Are Plus, is clearly targeting a niche of Manhattan-based, smartphone-wielding designer toy fans, so it could be a good (and creative) use of QR codes. And seeing how there are only about 69 followers on Twitter right now, you might have a good shot at winning something if you get on it quick.