WorkLifeSuccess: Harvest Time is Here

The new season is here. Kids are back in school. September starts tomorrow. We are one month away from the last quarter of 2009.  

This is my favorite time of year, and not just because the summer heat in Washington DC begins to recede. No matter what kind of a year you have had, and many of us have had difficult ones in 2009, this is your chance to make it all worthwhile. 

In North America, it is the harvest season. Now is the time to gather everything you have learned in the last 8 months. Spend September collecting your hard-won lessons and put them into play. There is still time to make 2009 your best year yet.

There is time to reassess your goals and shoot for more than you anticipate achieving. There is time to call together your favorite planning pals and ask everyone what they are going to do to finish 2009 with a BIG success. There is time to set your sights on the major wins and do what’s needed to execute at the top of your game. There is time to convene your champions and execute one more grand push. 

Imagine January 2010, looking back on the end of August 2009 and saying, “I achieved all that… and more.” Now, what will it take to get there? Today’s the day. Make it so.

Seth Kahan,