• 08.27.09

Smartsynch and University of Mississippi Team Up for Tweeting Smart Meters

Last month we predicted that tweeting smart meters wouldn’t become popular in the United States. Perhaps we spoke too soon. Smart meter manufacturing company SmartSynch teamed up with the University of Mississippi today to design an online dashboard for the school’s 16 SmartSynch Smart Meters.

University of Mississippi

The general public probably won’t be too interested in the energy consumption of the University of Mississippi library, but students could use the information as an educational tool and perhaps even as a way to lobby the campus administration to implement energy efficiency upgrades. Of course, there’s always the chance that the Twitter and Facebook updates will just get lost in the endless stream of social networking data.


SmartSynch isn’t the first company to take on tweeting smart meters. Last month, Germany’s Yello Strom utility announced plans to introduce a program that tweets individual customers’ energy consumption. Wireless power monitors like Tweet-a-Watt also offer enterprising social networking addicts the chance to broadcast their energy efficient habits.


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