Luxury Trends: Tradition 2.0

As one of the most pervasive trends in luxury, Tradition 2.0 is about
revamping and re-imagining luxury. Instead of starting from the drawing
board, purveyors of luxury have found success in creating products,
inspired by the old, with a new twist. Whether it’s sweetening the deal
with perks or re-stylizing traditional luxury, brands catering to the
affluent lifestyle are spinning convention to develop products and
services that are grounded in familiarity while updated with a modern

Sweetening the Deal—As purveyors of luxury find new
ways to sell their products and services, sweetening the deal with new
incentives, such as throwing in an additional item, is a way to entice
luxury buyers. Whether it’s adding a new service or item of a
collection, getting more for the asking price is entices buyers to
purchase in a time when getting more isn’t about paying more.
Updating—Revamping old markets with luxury products is
a way to capture a new luxury audience, while adding a twist to
tradition. Expanding to new markets is a way for luxury brands to offer
new experiences for an affluent audience.

The Bentley is Included—In the upscale town of
Cardiff, San Diego, a luxury homeowner is selling his four bedroom
home. This real estate sale has a twist…

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