Watch Out, Chevy Volt: Raser Technologies Shows Off 100 mpg Plug-in Hummer

Raser Hummer

Chevrolet has received a lot of flack from the press recently for its questionable claim that the upcoming plug-in hybrid Volt gets 230 mpg with city driving. Now Raser Technologies, the company behind the plug in Hummer H3e, is taking on the Volt with claims that its massive vehicle easy gets over 100 mpg in “typical local daily driving”. We assume that means city driving under ideal conditions (few stops and starts, minimal passengers and payload).

During street testing, Raser found that the Hummer could cruise on the electric battery alone for the first 50 miles of driving and use only 60% of the battery pack. After that, the Hummer, which uses a lithium ion battery-powered motor-drive system and a gas-powered generator to recharge the batteries, gets between 33 and 35 mpg. And according to Raser’s methodology, that means the Hummer easily surpasses 100 mpg in total.

Lest you think that Raser’s claims are exaggerated, the company claims that if it used the methodology used to calculate the Chevy Volt’s mpg, the Hummer could boast over 190 mpg in city driving conditions. Translation: Chevrolet’s claims are bloated at best. The electric Hummer will retail for approximately $56,000 when it is released sometime close to 2011.

Check out a video of the Hummer test drive here. AS