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Mighty Mini… Coupe

For the 50th birthday of the pint-sized modern design classic, BMW unveils a gorgeous new concept.

2010 mini coupe concept

The Mini brand was born fifty years ago, and to celebrate, BMW has created a concept design that’s set to debut at the Frankfurt Autoshow, on September 17.

As Gert Hildebrand, Mini’s design director, told Edmunds.com: “It’s a pocket Porsche. Maybe we can bring back the same adventurous customers we had with the BMW Z3 coupe. And, actually, both cars have had the same designer–Marcus Syring.”

The new car has the exact same footprint as the current Mini, but the aggressive look comes thanks to a blowtorch–the biggest change involved cutting off the Mini’s iconically boxy roof, and replacing it with a flowing, lower-profile greenhouse, which has steeper front and rear windscreens. As a result, the Mini’s tiny back seats are gone. The colors hark back to the car which earned Cooper the F1 constructor’s championship in 1959, in the year the Mini was born. Under the hood, the little car will roar, with a 211-horsepower turbocharged inline-4.

2010 mini coupe concept

2010 mini coupe concept

2010 mini coupe concept

BMW claims the car has a shot at production–depending on how it fares relative to a new roadster concept that’s also set for release at Frankfurt.

Read more at Edmunds.com.

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