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Interview: "Twitter Wit" Author Tweets About Being Witty on Twitter

Twitter might leave you dazed, confused, and emotionally void, but it can also make you laugh. At least, that's the logic former Valleywag editor Nick Douglas follows in his new book, Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Characters or Less, which highlights hundreds of funny tweets from celebrities, comedians, and random users. Among the best:

"The face-painting at the birthday party was sub-par. One girl asked for Tiger and got Surprised Basketball instead." —@bcompton
"I really wish customs agents would stop trying to punk me." —@aplusk
"Waitress just said thier creamed spinach was 'banging.' Not sure how I feel about that." —@mshowalter

I read the book in approximately 40 minutes—or, more specifically, during two subway rides and a walk to lunch—and I can attest that it's pretty darn amusing. There's even a foreward by Twitter cofounder Biz Stone, who endorses the compilation.

But to find out how and why Twitter Wit came to be, I went straight to Douglas (better known as @nick), who chatted me up via Twitter:

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