Brazen Careerist Launch: Twitter meets Facebook meets LinkedIn meets Gen Y…and it’s about time.

The folks at Brazen Careerist realize college students and young professionals aren’t always able to pull from years of previous work experience when marketing themselves to potential employers. And that often puts them at a competitive disadvantage. So, instead of sticking with the status quo, they decided to turn existing traditional online career management tools on their ear.


With the launch of the new Brazen community, members can now showcase their intellectual horsepower (or potential) through their ideas…ideas that can lead to creative solutions to complex problems. And if there’s one word that describes today’s business landscape, it’s complexity.


But it’s not just about individual success. Brazen was founded by a team of bloggers. Collaboration was, and is, at the core of what they do. The new site encourages collaborative career management through the use of fan and idea feeds. Members of the Brazen community can now keep up with recent blog posts and status updates of their fellow Brazenites with a clean, colorful, easy to scan dashboard—a great way to exchange ideas and information with other young professionals.  


As someone who works in the career management space on a college campus, I know I have benefited greatly from the Brazen community. From keeping tabs on Dan Schawbel (which is no small feat given the fact that he’s a super nova of information), to having a chance to write a duet blog post with Ryan Paugh, Brazen’s Community Manager extraordinaire, the site keeps me continuously up to date on the challenges faced by today’s young professionals.


Shawn Graham is Director of MBA Career Services at the University of Pittsburgh and author of Courting Your Career: Match Yourself with the Perfect Job (