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I hold the key to substantially lowering healthcare costs in my hands—literally. The Vita-mix is a high-powered blender that can mask the bitter taste of vegetables in a delicious fruit smoothie. Before I adopted my daily health shake routine, I had gotten sick roughly every month for over a decade. Now, I never get sick.

On a typical day, I toss in all of the vegetables in my refrigerator with 2 oranges, a banana, half a bag of mixed frozen berries, and a splash of milk. It tastes as delicious as one of those $5 store-bought smoothies, but with all the nutrition that helps to ward off infections and the effects of aging.

In the first year, the Vita-mix diet cost me $1200 (including the blender), but it paid for itself many times over in health care savings and productivity.

My recommendation for employers:
Buy a couple of blenders for the office, and stock a 'fridge full with fruits and vegetables. In addition to the health care benefits, you'll earn major points with employees by showing you care. Though the blender is a tad costly, it could pay for itself by preventing the spread of one cold outbreak.

1).   Buy local vegetables, preferably at a farmer's market. Vegetables
lose their nutritional value in the shipping process. If you can't do
that, buy organic and from the United States.

2).   Mix it up. Buy different kinds of vegetables every week. I figure
that the scientific community will be discovering the benefits of
different kinds of nutrients for a very long time. Rather than try
and keep up with new research, I just eat all the different types of
vegetables I can find. Spinach and asparagus are known superfoods,

3). I don’t want to sound like a commercial for Vita-mix. I think any high-power blender will do (I just haven’t tried them).

4). Avoid foods with pesticides or chemicals.

I cannot express how much the quality of my life has improved since I made this addition to my diet. If you do try it, send me your stories. Heck, while you're at it, send a blender to your Congressman. Our country could probably save itself from debilitating political in-fighting if we focused on simple preventative solutions,
Gregory Ferenstein

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