Use Blogging to Add Dimension to Internet Relationships

Not long ago, any business that functioned primarily over the Internet was looked at with suspicion, even straight-up mistrust; many times, rightfully so. But these days, the Internet has given legitimate businesses a virtually unlimited forum for serving customers—and it’s expanded the way customers do business as well; now they can look beyond local brick-and-mortar establishments to find experts in nearly any industry. But the trick to doing business online (and over the phone) is finding new ways of building relationships and establishing trust. Enter blogging.

Consider this: Your website is the face of your business, right? It’s the first thing clients and prospects see when they look you up online to ascertain whether you’re the right fit for them. It’s their first impression. A blog, then, goes deeper. Your blog is the weekly lunch meeting that gives clients a sense of who you are not only as a business, but also as a person. Without ever shaking your hand or even hearing your voice on the phone, prospects and clients can determine whether you share their core values, are a fit for their personality, and whether you’re as much an expert in your field as your website claims. That’s powerful!

That’s why it’s so crucial that your blog do three things:

  1. Give an honest glimpse into your personality and core values
  2. Cover subjects that provide value to the reader and represent your business
  3. Demonstrate professionalism and accountability.

A blog is one of few ways you can establish a relationship with prospects before they even pick up the phone—and maintain a relationship with clients even after the project ends. Are you taking advantage of this incredible tool?