Facebook Plans 50% Expansion

Facebook is planning to expand its 1,000-person ranks by 50%, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg in an interview with Bloomberg. The company is using the dismal economic times as a bartering chip, picking up engineers and executives on the cheap. Since they’re one of the only companies in town with an active agenda for expansion, Facebook’s brass will have their run of the resume pool.

The expansion is part of a cost-conscious growth effort that founder Mark Zuckerberg is taking personally. According to VentureBeat, he’s been vetting project managers more closely on both the business and engineering sides of the business to try to bolster their productivity, so that projects don’t languish and waste funds. He’s also in the middle of transitioning his team to their new building, which he says he hopes will remind them that Facebook is still in its incipience. (Check out the new office, seen below and dubbed the “bunker,” here.)


As VentureBeat notes, the company is working hard to become an effectual platform for advertisers as well. Zuckerberg says he hopes the company will be profitable by next year.CD