Why is the Best Design Site on the Web

A new blog on design is showing how complacent and lazy everyone became, and the excitement they’re building is leaving all others in the dust.


Let’s see. Design is about order, aesthetics, chaos, organization, look, feel, experience, common sense, uncommon sense, knowing when to zig, knowing when to zag, being willing to challenge, being willing to change your mind, being able to laugh, cry, get angry and be silly, knowing when to fight and above all knowing the best places in town to order in on a late night project.


It’s knowing great typography, knowing how to art direct, knowing about color, space, more space, less space, contrast, emotion, the dynamics of shapes, forms, dimensions and more color.

It’s knowing the power of ideas, the power of words, the power of people.

Possibly above all of those is never tiring to learn more, to be inspired by work other than your own, never losing that “hunger” you had when you first got into the business and always looking for those who are better than you so as you don’t fall into the hellish existence of complacency.

Those are the qualities that for me make the best design, the most powerful brands and the best designers.

The biggest tragedy is any editorial—online or offline (meaning print)—that TALKS about design but looks like “a trade magazine.”

To the rescue has come which simply kicks ass and has raised the bar to whole new level and restored my hope in great design being to used to talk about great design, great advertising, great branding and more.


Their site is awesome. They embody everything I mention above in all the details perfectly. Hands down, they are the best site on design and everything design related.

The bar has been raised. Now it’s time for everyone else to wake up and smell the coffee.



David Brier, Chief Gravity Defyer at DBD 
International, is the recipient of over 300 industry awards creating
brands for such company’s as Estee Lauder, Revlon, New York City
Ballet, Legacy
Chocolates, Sunbelt Software and many more.

Award-winning and result-driven examples can be seen at and a side-by-side comparison of before-and after-client identites can be seen at


Want one the country’s leading designers of identites and more? His talent can be yours. Contact

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Brand identity expert, veteran designer, author, speaker and Fast Company expert blogger. Shark Tank investor and CEO of fashion brand Fubu, Daymond John states, "David Brier is brilliant with branding." He’s been written about in, INC and Fortune Small Business. In addition to being a branding specialist and a Fast Company expert blogger, David's Slideshare presentations on branding have exceeded the 500,000 view milestone (a founding member of Slideshare's Half-a-Million Views Club) and is the 1st place winner in the 2013 Shorty Awards (known industry-wide as “The Oscars for Social Media”) for branding