Solar-Powered DJ for the Dead Debuts at Funeral Fair


What self-respecting dead person doesn’t want a solar-powered music video-playing system on their tombstone for the rest of eternity? Just such a system was displayed at this past Tuesday’s China International Funeral Fair in Guangzhou, where curious onlookers had the chance to check out the piano-shaped tombstone.

The pimped-out system comes with an exterior solar-powered display panel and an internal sound box. Relatives and friends of the deceased can insert digital music video (MV) files into the tombstone’s 2 gigabyte memory to be played whenever someone passes by. It’s just a matter of time before the Rickrolling tombstones start popping up, but at $2,630, the stone is probably too expensive for many a music lover. And while the tombstones solar panels do up its green factor slightly, there are much better uses for silicon (solar power for living people, anyone?).

Other exhibits at the fair were much more eco-friendly. One vendor showed off a biodegradable urn fashioned out of animal gelatin and sand that disintegrates in less than 24 hours if placed in a high-humidity location.

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