Finding Calm In Stress

how my dog locked me out of house and helped me find peace of mind


Finding Calm In Stress; how my dog locked me out of  house and helped me find peace of mind



When my dog locked me out of
the house Sunday night, I was able to find peace of mind in the stress.


It all began Sunday morning.
After getting only four hours of sleep Saturday night, I had to get up and
spend eight hours in a strategic planning session in San Francisco. I don’t
know about anyone else, but after six hours my mind had to work extra hard to
make sense of information. Eight hours was my limit.


I got home mentally exhausted
and wiped out. I decided to spend some time in my backyard. There were ten
plants still in little green boxes threatening to die after sitting in the yard
for four weeks. It was time to save them.


I am by no means a gardener,
but I couldn’t just let the little plants expire.


As tired as I was I went in
the yard and began digging, pulling weeds and taking the plants out of the
little boxes.


I had to put my sixty pound
lab/ Shepard mix in the house because he was trampling the potential flowers.  I could hear him in the house barking
to get out, and pushing to open the door. But I was getting into the whole “earth,
dirt and nature thing,” and ignored him.


After four hours outside, it
started to get dark, foggy and very cold. Being wet and muddy hadn’t bothered
me while the sun was out, but it got uncomfortable very quickly as the fog
rolled in. I had reached my backyard limit when I accidentally stepped on a
spot where my dog had relieved himself that I had missed during the clean up.


I couldn’t wait to get into
my house, take a shower and put on dry clothes.

There was a slight problem
however, I couldn’t open the door. I pushed harder thinking it was stuck until
it became apparent that my dog had somehow managed to lock it, when he tried to
get out.


He stared at me through the window
glass and I could just hear him laughing at how he got his revenge on me for
keeping him inside.


I called my fifteen-year-old son
who was several miles away.  He  “tore” himself away from his friends to come
home and let me in. 


As I waited for him, my first
thoughts were of how miserable I was, and how the last few hours of relaxation
were ending with one major stressful incident.  I caught myself whining and realized that I had some choices
about how I perceived the situation. I thought about how funny I looked sitting
on my porch, wet and muddy.  Since
there was nothing I could do for awhile, I could take some time to appreciate
the work I had done, meditate and clear my mind. No one could call me because
my cell phone was in the house. I couldn’t check my email, nor could I work on
any projects. I could either stress out waiting or let go and relax.


It took my son forty-five
minutes to get there but the time went quickly and when he arrived I was calm,
and refreshed, and my mind was at ease.  You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to relax, and
sometimes we have to find the relaxation and calm in our stress.

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