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What started as a conversation item in small pockets across the country is spreading like wildfire throughout the nation. No longer is a social mission a nice-to-have business item; it is a declaration of change. There is an emerging movement in business that is redefining the meaning of impact—to be something more. Fusing traditional business and social mission, entrepreneurs from every corner of the nation are signing on to the new, social business model.

We have had the distinct pleasure of working with many of these social entrepreneurs. One of which is Larry Paul Tanning spa. Larry Paul is stretching beyond traditional business and rallying behind a philosophy that speaks to power of social change.

We worked with Larry Paul, formerly Florida Tan, to refresh their brand identity and reflect their social responsibility.  After the founder  (Larry Paul) of the chain passed away, he left the business to his philanthropic Foundation. The new President of the chain sought to redesign and update the retail stores, articulate a new brand identity and name, and to refresh the design system. Larry Paul exemplifies the social entrepreneuriship trend, as the proceeds are going back to the Larry Paul Foundation.

This weekend was a perfect display of the win/win results of social mission weaved into a company’s fabric.  Employees gathered together in the grand Ohio Building to present a check to the charities their individual stores selected to raise money for. At the event, Larry Paul Foundation gave significant charitable contributions to 14 charities ranging from The Salvation Army to the March of Dimes to United Way to local animal rescue centers. Each charity representative spoke about the good they do in the local community and then the employees told touching stories about why they selected to raise money on behalf of that charity.  The evening...

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