Google Scripts Help Automate Apps, Premier Edition Only

Automation is the dream of every work-laden computer user, and scripting languages can make those dreams come true. Now Google is releasing its own scripting language for its online apps called Google Apps Script. It seems mostly aimed at users of Google Spreadsheets, who can burn a lot of time doing currency or metric conversions. Apps Script will automate all of those mundane calculations, but it also gives a nod to Google’s group-edit mentality: if it knows the approval requirements of a given document, it can request other users’ review and approval and update the document once it’s gotten input. Then, it can send out that information via email to other colleagues–meaning you’ll never have an excuse to file anything late ever again. It can also automatically invoice other departments and do side-by-side searching for two different terms in the same body of data.

Apps Script

Like other scripting languages, it will also allow you to roll your own scripts for the tasks you perform the most. Excited? Talk to your IT folks; Apps Script is available only on Google’s enterprise app suite.