A Consultant’s Economic Outlook using the Art of War

Respected Colleagues, I need your help.

As a training consultancy operating within the business sphere over the last eighteen months, the economic state across the corporate sector signals a major shift in doctrinal thinking. With this in mind, a huge consensus suggests the sector is starring down the barrel of a massively destabilizing short range future outlook.

In the aftermath of our financial meltdown and in the words of President John F. Kennedy, “there’s something immoral about abandoning your own judgment.” This being said, there are two questions that consultants must consider today: “if the economic state has degraded (limited) our retaliatory options, for consultancy firms, how must we step-up our customer over flights (intelligence and understanding our clients), while determining best-fit organizations for individual service offerings?” And, “how can we help the organizations and the economy respond in the future by understanding ‘what’ to do before our leaders engage the ‘how-to’ do as a first strike policy?”

Your response is highly respected and welcomed with the highest regard. I will be using your answers, with your permission, in my upcoming book “Success TRAPS: Awaken your Realized Potential for Lasting Fulfillment.”

Ref. “The Devil’s Paint Brush within Organizational Leadership”

Thank you;
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