OMG! New Mouse Can Track on Anything Using “Darkfield” Tech

It’s not every day that technology advances the human condition, but today, dear computer users, is one such day. If you have a mouse made in the last 10 years, chances are it’s one of those red laser mouses with a menacing glow. Badass, yes, but these optical mice utterly fail us when placed on a desk made of glass, or laminated wood, or highly-lacquered material. Plus I’m pretty sure they can blind your children when upside-down.

Performance Mouse MX

Today, Logitech announced a mouse that tracks on pretty much anything–including, yes, glass and fake wood. And it manages to upstage the optical mouse in badass-factor as well. Its secret ingredient is called “Darkfield technology,” and allows you to “make the world your mousepad,” Logitech says.

Of course, if we all still had mousepads, our red laser mice would work just fine. The wireless mice are available for preorder at $80 and $100, and feature Logitech’s tiny little USB-wireless transponders that work great on laptops’ USB ports. Also included: four customizable buttons and side-to-side, pressure-sensitive scrolling.

If you’re still reading, you’re a real peripheral nerd, so check out the video below.