3 Reasons Businesses Fail

I have dedicated my life to changing these statistics. You work too hard, but your time, energy, heart, mind, funds into building your business and I want it to be WORTH IT for you and your loved ones.

As you know I’ve built and sold 5 of my own multi-million dollar companies, invested in over 200 startup businesses (including Google), have been a mentor to hundreds of startups and have helped over 150 entrepreneurs become millionaires. I LOVE building businesses. I LOVE helping people become financially free. It TOTALLY rocks my world!

In my years of experience, I’ve come to realize that there are 3 specific areas that cause businesses to fail:

1. People – the team you surround yourself with, including your staff, contractors, advisors and mentors;

2. Money – having an effective marketing system that reaches your target market and sales systems that create reliable revenue you can count on month after month;

3. Business Model – your compelling product path that reduces or eliminates a specific pain for target audience

That’s it! Every challenge you face in business can be traced back to one of these areas – and at Results Now Summit we are going to specifically address these critical three elements of YOUR business!

To your success! Christine Comaford, Biz Accelerator and CEO of Mighty Ventures, Inc.



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