RIM Is World’s Fastest-Growing Company

While most cubicles are buzzing with fawning talk of iPhones and Pres, the phones that sit idly listening to all that talk are probably BlackBerry Curves. If unexciting, the Curve is the top selling smartphone in the U.S., and part of the reason that RIM has been able to sustain remarkable growth over the last few years: an average of 77% increase in revenue in the last three years. Big numbers like that have vaulted the Canadian company to the top of Fortune’s list of fastest-growing companies list, making it number one this year.


RIM’s phones will have a hell of a time hanging onto their ubiquity over the next three years. Nokia, once content to be the dumbphone king, is renewing its music and smartphone initiatives–and any company with Nokia’s sheer size and marketshare can change the mobile landscape quickly. That’s to say nothing of the progress of other smartphone companies vying for a chunk of the smartphone market; by some predictions the mobile software market will balloon to 10 million apps by 2020.

[Via Fortune]CD