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Apple Keynote Rumor Round-up: No iTablet, Beatles Instead?

It's about three weeks until Apple's September 2009 keynote, and rumors surrounding this one are probably bigger than they've been for any Fall Apple event for years. The latest is there'll be no iTablet, but the Beatles may show up.

Apple Music


Well, the Beatles will make a digital showing in iTunes at least—ending a years-long controversy of whether or not the world's most famous band will do a deal with the other Apple. This rumor has popped up at 9to5Mac, and it's sourced in a coincidence. Apple's keynote is scheduled for September 9, which is also the day that the Beatles: Rock Band game is due out—perfect chance for some cross-promotional tie ups perhaps?

But 9to5Mac has missed out on another coincidence that lends even more weight to this rumor: September 9th is also when the Beatles' entire digitally remastered collection is due to launch, after a long 22-year wait. Word is that the newly-enhanced albums will come with original artwork, digitized liner notes with rare photos and they may come with "embedded" making-of documentary clips. Now that sounds like an absolutely huge opportunity to promote the Beatles, and iTunes. And does that enhanced digital album just remind you of the "Cocktail" rumors or not? That would mean the keynote has all the makings of a classic 1-2-3 big-hitting news event.


The latest speculation is that the tablet, which is now being discussed online as if it's definitely real, won't be talked about at the keynote. Insider sources have spoken to AllThingsDigital and apparently "insist" that there won't be "any discussion whatsoever" about the device. Over at The Loop they've also been tapping their internal sources, "very reliable" ones, who also say the keynote event is going to be 100% music-focused, and won't mention the iTablet.

That's pretty conclusive, and the online discussion about the iTablet has definitely died down. Is it due 2010, or will it show up later this year? Impossible to tell...but I'd suggest it's still a remote possibility at the Apple event. There hasn't been a "one more thing" surprise at Apple presentations for a while, and if Apple wanted to really surprise everyone, wouldn't it ensure the rumor was firmly quashed beforehand?

iTunes 9 and new iPods

According to everyone who's discussing it, the only thing we can definitely expect to hear about at the event is the new iPod lineup, and a revamped iTunes edition. iTunes 9 is said to involve a degree of social networking tech, and most likely all the code to make Cocktail work. The new camera-equipped iPod Touch has even appeared on video now, albeit a pre-production prototype which has been partly destroyed in a wear-and-tear test.

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