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Siemens' Electric Chopper Looks Like an Ultrasound Device

The engineering and manufacturing giant best-known for medical devices has created an motorcycle to show-off its environmental know-how.

Siemens' Electric Chopper Looks Like an Ultrasound Device

Seimens Smart Chopper

Siemens is a giant in the field of industrial-equipment, and they boast being a leader in the emerging green economy, with a growing portfolio of technology for the clean-energy sector. Problem is, few people know about the company since the products themselves are decidedly unsexy. So they've teamed up with Orange County Choppers to build the Siemens Smart Chopper—supposedly the world's first custom electric motorcycle. This October, it's going to be featured on the OCC's show, American Chopper.

According to Daryl Dulaney, President & CEO of Siemens Building Technologies: "Siemens is already very much a part of the fabric of America, and our portfolio is one of the greenest in the business. Green is not marketing hype for us; it is in our DNA."

Seimens Smart Chopper

The chopper itself is made with LED lighting and recycled materials. It's got a plug-in charger that's smart-grid ready, telling the rider when electricity is cheapest. A full charge is good for a range of 60 miles. Granted, the 27 horsepower is quite puny by Harley standards, but Siemens says it can reach 100mph.

Props to Siemens. But the bummer is how the thing actually looks—We've actually seen water coolers that look meaner than this thing. For true electric sexiness, you'll have to wait for the Brammo Enertia or, better yet, the Yves Behar—designed Mission One.

[Via My Modern Met]