Let’s Get Visual – Using Visualization to SEE Your Success

Are you ready to REALLY see your way to success? Read on maistro!


Last week, I sent as many of you as possible a tool and some serious input on goal setting.  This is definitely where the serious players get sifted out from those who are just playing around.  In my case, I made that decision really early.  Way back when I was an hourly contractor at Microsoft, I hung a poster in my cubicle entitled “My First Million.” It showed a pile of cash—$1 million. I focused on it daily, knowing I’d hatch that million-dollar idea. I made my first million within two years of buying the poster and yes, after doing the required work. I did a similar visualization a few years ago when seeking my dream home. I cut out a picture of a gorgeous view of vineyards, and yes, within a year I’d found a house with that exact view at a reasonable price.


Make a “dream board” of the pictures that speak to you. They will help you affirm your intention and mobilize your energies toward achieving your goals. When you achieve one of these goals, write it down—this will keep your energy mobilized and will remind you that you’re making progress on the tough days. I want to be clear here. I’m not talking about some magical process where the universe sprinkles fairy dust on you because you think pretty thoughts. I’m talking about the power you mobilize within yourself, consciously and subconsciously, when you make the effort to clarify your goals, visualize them as being achieved, and while doing the required legwork.

There’s NO magic fix for someone who’s not willing to do the hard work.  There’s no “law of attraction” that will be fooled by the law of INaction.  So rev your engines, set your goals, put your vision and your visuals squarely on your future, and GET MOVING.

Christine Comaford, Business Accelerator
CEO of Mighty Ventures, Inc.
NY Times Best Selling Author


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About the author

New York Times bestselling author Christine Comaford is CEO of Mighty Ventures, an innovation accelerator which helps businesses to massively increase sales, product offerings, and company value. She has built and sold 5 of her own businesses with an average 700% return on investment, served as a board director or in-the-trenches advisor to 36 startups, and has invested in over 200 startups (including Google) as a venture capitalist or angel investor