The Source Project : A Sleek Alternative to Bottled Water


It’s hard to escape the fact that bottled water is wasteful, from the plastic used in bottles to the trucks that cart the water thousands of miles. And while bottled water consumption is down overall, millions of Americans still tote around their Poland Spring and Fiji bottles on a daily basis. Part of the problem is that sinks aren’t always clean, and as a recent The New York Times op-ed points out, water fountains are few and far between.

Designer Oliver Craig attempts to remedy the bottled water conundrum with the Source Project, a system that requires stores to place a Source Water Fountain outside their shops. When consumers buy a Source Water Bottle, they are granted use of the fountains. Each time a bottle is filled, RFID sensors send a message to store vendors, who grant redeemable points for future purchases. And since the Source Water Fountains can be found everywhere, it’s no problem that the accompanying bottle is small enough to easily fit in a handbag.

The fountains and bottles are sleek and clean-looking enough to convince bottled water devotees to switch over, but what’s the incentive for store owners to install the fountains? Perhaps we would all be better served if city governments just ponied up the cash for more public water fountains.

[Via Yanko Design]