Entrepreneurbia: A Zoning Law-Free Town



Zoning laws are a fixture of suburban towns; you can’t put offices in many residential areas, and shops have to stay in their special zones too. Sure, it makes sense in a world of infinite natural resources where residents can drive from home to work to grocery store without a second thought about how much gasoline (or electricity) is being used. But we don’t live in that world, which is why Urban Nature, F&S Design Studio, and Silverlion Design’s Entrepreneurbia proposal makes so much sense.


Designed for Dwell and Inhabitat’s Reburbia competition, Entrepreneurbia is a town without zoning laws. According to its designers, the zoning-free town “is a community of entrepreneurs who transform inefficient single-family
dwellings and purely decorative landscape spaces into intelligent
home-based businesses. From chic shops & showrooms to designer
offices, award-winning restaurants, and even boutique farms the new
residents of Entrepreneurbia infuse once sterile suburbs with a
distinctive sense of character & community.”

As resources become more and more expensive, suburban towns may have no choice but to mix together homes, office, shops, and farms. It’s an idea that has already gained popularity among designers in a city setting, but as Entrepreneurbia proves, it has just as much value in suburbia.

[Via Inhabitat]


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