Biz Stone Advance Video re: Twitter Hack

Alas, poor Twitter. The service that we all know and love suffered a Fail Whale of ‘orculean’ proportions for two hours last week on August 6, 2009, due to a denial of service attack. We were all a little annoyed (read: lost without Twitter), but if you’re anything like me, you’re just glad Twitter’s back up and running. After all, the world hearts Twitter.

Twitter Co-founder, Christopher Isaac “Biz” Stone doesn’t do a heck of a lot of interviews (can’t say I blame the dude), but tonight Thursday, August 13, Stone, the co-founder of the online phenomenon, Twitter, will appear on PBS’ “Tavis Smiley” to discuss the evolution of Twitter and the impact of social media in today’s world.

In the interview, Stone elaborates on how Twitter has learned from the recent denial of service attack:

“We spent a lot of 2008 catching up with a lot of the popularity of Twitter, the unexpected popularity–getting there technically so that we were stable, and along comes this massive attack. You know, we learned. We worked behind the scenes with folks from Google and other companies to figure out how to stop the attacks and how to better deal with them in the future.”

Here’s a 1 minute and 36 second advance look at the interview…


I find it interesting INDEED that Biz is doing his interview with Mr. Smiley. And, I don’t find it interesting for the reasons you’re probably thinking. 🙂

>> As an aside: Don’t you just “love” it when Biz says to Mr. Smiley, referring to a denial of service attack, “I don’t know if you know exactly what this is…”?

Check your local listings for air times: The Twitterverse will be watching — will you?LLW