Office Chatter: Microsoft-Nokia Deal in the Works

The Internet rumor fairies have been sprinkling their magic news story dust around again, and have given us a rather intriguing suggestion this time: Nokia and Microsoft are due to announce an alliance today.

Nokia and Microsoft

According to the rumors it’s not going to be some unholy jumble of Symbian and Windows Mobile; it’s centered on Microsoft Office. We’ll most probably see Office productivity apps being included on cell phones made by Nokia, which is the world’s largest maker of cell phones, albeit not necessarily the world’s hottest-selling smartphone maker.

There is some good thinking underpinning this marriage, thanks to Microsoft’s recent announcement about Office 2010. It’s stated that it will include some clever cloud-based services that’ll let you share and edit documents over the airwaves.

Though this thinking is obviously speculative, it’s lent some credence by the people who are due to speak to the press today: Kai Oistamo, EVP of Nokia Devices, and Stephen Elop, head of MS Business. Does this suggest Nokia is about to make an aggressive push towards more business-level devices with integrated Microsoft Office goodness? We won’t have to wait long to find out.

[via Reuters]KE