Eye Candy of the Day: Wall Stickers for Grown-Ups

If you’re a design freak, wall stickers make a lot of sense: They’re relatively cheap; easy to put up and take down; and they’re not nearly as messy as wallpaper. Problem is, they’re usually hideous and kitschy. Unless they’re made by Domestic.


The French company started up in 2003, with the aim of commissioning wall decals and decorations by some of the world’s best designers. The superb design distributor Areaware (which also distributes the IF-Mode and Strida folding bikes) has finally brought them stateside. The collection is stunningly varied. Here’s a few, to give you a sense of the range. You can see them all and order them at Areaware. The range in price from $56 for the smaller drawings, to $850 for the huge ones.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” designed by +41 ($850):

Down the Rabbit Hole by +41

“Wholearth” by artist Dylan Martorell ($850):

Wholearth by Dylan Martorell

“Arkhipoff Landscape” by Elisabeth Arkhipoff ($850):

Arkhipoff Landscape by Elisabeth Arkhipoff

“Pastorale” by Pierre Marie ($850):

Pastorale by Pierre Marie

“Skeleton” by furniture-designers Studio Job ($850):

Skeleton by Studio Job

“Cadres Horizontaux” by Leslie David ($120 for all):

Cadres Horizontaux  by Leslie David

“Flora and Fauna 2” by Tado ($144):

Flora and Fauna 2 by Tado

“Graphic Plant” by Ich & Kar ($144):

Graphic Plant by Ich & Kar

“Bartons Corner” by +41 ($56):

Bartons Corner by +41

“Martorell Landscape” by Dylan Martorell ($120):

Martorell Landscape by Dylan Martorell

“Bad Seeds 2” by Pierre Marie ($96):

Bad Seeds 2 by Pierre Marie

[Images by Domestic, courtesy of Areaware]