• 08.10.09

What Do You Have To Give Up?

What do you have to let go of that no longer serves you?

What do you have to give up?


That is a question I ask my clients and often. What do you have to let go of to succeed? People often hold on to something that no longer serves them because that’s what they used to do and it used to work. Thing is, times have changed. People have changed. How people do their work, communicate and collaborate is different. So why in the world would you want to hold onto something that you know is no longer serving you just because it’s ‘comfortable’?

In order to be an organizational leader you have to morph with the times, look at how you can use the resources around you to meet and surpass current needs. Stay ahead of the trends and incorporating those past ways of operating that still work will keep you ahead of the curve instead of hanging on by a thread.

Helping others see that as well is a key characteristic of leadership.

Donna Karlin – Certified Executive Coach, A Better Perspective

About the author

Donna Karlin CEC, Diplomate IABMCP and founder and principal of A Better Perspective® & The School of Shadow Coaching, has pioneered the specialized practice of Shadow Coaching® with global political, government, business and senior organizational leaders in the public and private sectors. Donna capitalizes on almost 30 years of experience in coaching, consulting and training to help clients and their organizations evolve into their level of excellence.