this week on my story adventure I felt way out of sorts and really bad
that I have had little to no time to devote to my story.  Annie and I
brainstormed and came up with an exploratory solution.  What I do with
clients is to build a collaborative group around their books; usually
the client is the expert, I am the storytelling guide and then I bring
in a writer.  In the case of my story I have been acting as both the
expert and the writer, while Annie has taken on the role of
storytelling guide. But I simply do not have the time to be the writer
on this journey of mine.

There are pros and cons to bringing in a third party.  Cons are that
I have to admit that I need help, that I cannot do it myself.  I’ll
also have to share credit in the creation of the work. Pros are that I
will be able to make more dynamic progress by asking for help, and I’ll
also be able to add the rich talents of a writer to the mix.  The final
product will be a blend of all of our essences and if I choose the
right person, our final product should be pretty darned brilliant.
Right now, the pros are outweighing the cons!

I’m excited to explore this direction.  I have selected the writer I
am trying out and he’s working the material now and plans to deliver a
draft on Wednesday for me to review and then share with Annie.  I think
we’ll know immediately what this might look like if we bring him aboard
more fully. Stay tuned!