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Marketing has changed. We're in the age of one-to-one marketing, where the customer actually has a role in shaping the messaging for your brand. Social Media—blogs, Twitter, Facebook, wikis, user-generated tools—have given her all she needs to effect whether your products and services do well in the marketplace. Long gone are the 4Ps of marketing, these are the days of the 4Cs, a customer centric approach that includes the customer's wants and needs; the cost to satisfy the customer; the convenience; and communication.

Traversing these murky waters can be difficult. Scary even, especially without a plan or understanding of the playing field. You want and need insight, and we've got it. Every week we feature a new marketing innovations expert, sharing what they've learned and observed in the trenches, helping marketers everywhere take those steps toward the future.

Here's a round up of our latest experts, along with their latest blog posts.

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What Next for the CMO?

In the U.S., the average tenure for a CMO is roughly 23 months. In the U.K., it is even shorter. Al Ries states over at AdAge that of all the firms in the Fortune 1000, only 7% of the most highly paid executives have marketing in ...READ»


Paul WorthingtonPaul Worthington is head of Strategy for the New York office of Wolff Olins, a global brand and innovation consultancy. You can find both Paul (@pworthington) and Wolff Olins (@wolffolins) on Twitter.

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Using Social Media to Go From David to Goliath: Greenpeace at CES 2009

Non-profit organizations usually have smaller budgets than for-profit corporations. And often, their staff is smaller too. It's for this reason that many nonprofits have embraced online outreach and engagement. Social media in ...READ»


Cheryl ConteeCheryl Contee is a partner and co-founder of the social media consultancy Fission Strategy where she specializes in online advocacy, engagement, and communications. Prior to launching Fission Strategy, Cheryl was Vice President at Fleishman-Hillard San Francisco where she acted as lead digital strategist for the West Coast, helping clients manage their brands and online campaigns. Before Fleishman-Hillard, Cheryl led the interactive team as Vice President at Washington, DC public affairs firm Issue Dynamics Inc. where she launched and led the group blog Previously, she was the Web Director for Oceana, an international marine conservation organization. Before Oceana, Ms. Contee launched 40 multi-lingual Web sites for Discovery Communications as Senior Producer for International Networks for television brands Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery Health, Discovery Kids, and more. You can follow her on Twitter @ch3ryl

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HTC 8525 Ad

Brand Storytelling: Connecting With Your Audience

At its very core, marketing is storytelling. The best advertising campaigns take us on an emotional journey—appealing to our wants, needs and desires—while at the same time telling us about a product or service. A brand's story ...READ»


Melinda PartinAs CEO and co-founder of Worktank, Melinda leads the company's strategic direction with the goal of worldwide expansion to better serve our global customer base. Her vision is central to Worktank's mission of helping clients find new and compelling ways to establish meaningful relationships with their customers.

Drawing on over a decade of interactive experience, Melinda helps companies transition from traditional marketing to Web- and interactive-based channels. Her wide-ranging background includes Fortune 500 and small- to mid-sized companies in technology, real estate, corporate housing, and telecommunications, and the non-profit sector in HIV/AIDS and hunger issues. Melinda moved to the agency side after stints with Microsoft Sidewalk and Microsoft Studios, where she pushed the edge of media technology.

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Reverb: The Real Secret to Marketing With Social Media

A reverb (or reverberation) is typically used to describe sound—or more specifically the instance where a sound continues despite the original source of the sound being removed. If you apply the same idea to social media, a reverb ...READ»


rohit-bhargavaRohit Bhargava is SVP of Digital Strategy at Ogilvy PR and author of the award-winning book Personality Not Included, a guide for brands to be more authentic. He writes the popular non-obvious marketing blog Influential Marketing and speaks frequently around the world on social media, marketing and the power of personality. Follow him on Twitter at @rohitbhargava or become a fan on Facebook before July 31 to be among the first to get a free download of his new ebook on August 1.

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Let, First Service

I tuned into NBC’s Breakfast at Wimbledon last Sunday morning to catch Roger Federer outduel—and outlast—a re-energized Andy Roddick to win the men’s championship at Wimbledon, his 15th major.READ»


rickRick Murray, president of Edelman Digital, directs Edelman’s global approach to digital communications. Edelman Digital’s mission is to transform Edelman into a digitally-centric communications company; to out-innovate the market with new approaches, new products and new processes; and to create a world-class digital agency with a global footprint. The combined group has doubled in size over the past two years, and now includes more than 150 digital and social media experts worldwide. Rick’s principal areas of expertise include: brand identity, positioning and strategy; integrated marketing communications; and engaging audiences through online communities and social media. Today, he provides strategic and creative counsel to many of Edelman’s accounts including eBay, RIM, HP, Microsoft, Unilever and JP Morgan Chase.

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The Internet Makes Work for Idle Hands

The radical decentralization of the means of cultural production and distribution it has brought about, that I mentioned in the slidecast in my last post, "Social Begins At Home," has changed the very nature of the audience—of what ...READ»


faris-head Faris is Chief Technology Strategist at McCann-Erickson New York. Before that he was the Digital Ninja at Naked Communications. He writes and speaks about brands, media, communication, and technology. You can find him all over the Internet, but his blog—Talent Imitates, Genius Steals —and twitter @faris are good places to start.

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Inside the Urban Demographic Mindset

About a month ago I was invited to speak at a preeminent youth conference. I'm not sure if it was our PR department or the coordinators of the event that chose the title of my topic, but when I read it, I found myself in a bit of a ...READ»


Tru Pettigrew Tru Pettigrew is the President of Alloy Access. As its founder, Tru is passionate about providing fresh ideas and identifying emerging platforms to make products and brands relevant to today's urban and multicultural consumers. Tru and his team travel around the country immersing themselves in culture at basketball courts, nightclubs, music stores and barbershops. In educating his Fortune 500 clients, he provides a reflection of today's multicultural world. Tru started his career performing as one half of a Los Angeles-based rap duo. He executed promotions for Converse, which led to a position with Houston Herstek Favat. He later joined AMP Agency's Triple Dot Communications (acquired by Alloy) and co-founded its consumer insights division.

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Building Brand Runways

Marketers focus on their brands and customers as the family jewels—and they are. But there is another kind of marketing asset that I call "runways" and if you don't have them, you will miss huge opportunities. In this ADD world of ...READ»


Joel RubinsonJoel Rubinson is Chief Research Officer at The ARF, where he directs the organization's priorities and initiatives on behalf of 400+ advertisers, advertising agencies, associations, research firms, and media companies. Joel is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and an active blogger. He holds an MBA in statistics and economics from the University of Chicago and a BS from NYU and never leaves home without his harmonica. Follow him on Twitter: @joelrubinson.

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blog model

Blogs Are Not Just Web Logs

A blog is the most important thing that you can create for yourself and for your company. It provides an environment that promotes two-way communication with your customers, your prospects, and establishes you as a thought-leader in ...READ»


Lon Safko is the co-author of The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies For Business Success. He is also an innovator and professional speaker with over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, strategic partnering, speaking, training, writing, and e-commerce. He is the founder of eight successful companies, including Paper Models, Inc.

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