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Lady Gaga: Design Groupie in Disguise

If you're into poppy dance music, you've probably heard a track or two from the loopy songstress who goes by the stagename Lady GaGa. But among fans, she's at least as famous for her goofy outfits, which make Bjork look demure. Where does she get the ideas for those crazy duds?

As the eagle-eyed folks over at Flavorwire point out, it's pretty clear that she's got a gift for lifting from famous architects and designers. They've listed a slew of parallels, but here's a couple to whet your appetite:

On the left, one of the Lady's outfits from her first tour last March. On the right, a geodesic dome by Buckminster Fuller:

Lady GaGa

Here's an outfit that's pretty clearly inspired by Tord Boontje's experiments with Delftware and China, which launched the design craze for historically inspired decoration:

Lady GaGa

To the right, Renzo Piano's Parco della Musica auditorium in Rome:

Lady GaGa

And the smoking gun: A Kermit-loving outfit that harks to the instantly famous stuffed animal seating first unveiled by the Campana brothers in 2003:

Lady GaGa

Don't miss the rest of Flavorwire's hilarious post.

[Via Unbeige]