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8GB iPhone 3G S En Route--What the Heck Are Apple's Plans?

Color us fascinated by this: According to leaked Rogers Wireless info, Apple has an 8GB version of its new iPhone 3G S on the way. It's a move to tap into the lower-spending market, but it has us wondering exactly what Apple's got planned?

Rogers Wireless

Check out the photos taken of a Roger's internal memo, which Boy Genius Report's got hold of. They're being called legitimate, and indeed it would seem to be a very odd document to go to the trouble of faking.

It's all interesting because an 8GB iPhone 3G S is a bit at odds with what Apple's done in the past, and what seemed to be its business plan, as portrayed during the iPhone 3G S launch event. Every iPhone iteration has seen a step up in the memory included in the device, echoing its enhanced capabilities and falling flash RAM prices—this year the 3G S came out in 16GB and 32GB flavors. Apple also said it was going to keep the old 8GB iPhone 3G on sale for a knockdown price of $99, and everyone saw what a shrewd business move this was, since it instantly makes it more affordable, and will undoubtedly have expanded the iPhone user base.

But now here's news of an iPhone 3G S with smaller memory. There's no pricing info, but we can probably assume it'll drop into the same $99 slot as the old 3G, killing that device off. You can argue that this is a sensible move—it lets the company have a single product rolling off its Chinese production lines, just with different amounts of memory soldered onto the circuit board, which is simpler and cheaper. But it's also a move guaranteed to piss off everyone who's bought a cheap 3G in the intervening months.

Taken with the recent MacBook rebranding though, it's possible that Apple's streamlining and simplifying all of its product lineup because it's got an entirely new gizmo on the way. And that machine could be, may be, must be, just has to be, the iTablet. Or am I dreaming?

[via BGR]

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