What’s a Huge, Beautiful Green Roof Look Like? Watch This Video

An elegantly shot short-film about the new Vancouver Convention Center, and its six-acre green roof.


A couple months ago we wrote about the new Vancouver Convention Centre, and its six-acre roof garden–the largest in the world. Designed by LMN Architects in Seattle, it has 400,000 individual
indigenous plants, which will help regulate the building’s temperature. Now, courtesy of Treehugger, comes this elegant short film about the project, directed by Dave Budge and featuring an interview with Bruce Hemstock, the project’s landscape architect:


As we wrote before, the building also has black water treatment systems and
desalination machinery to water the plants, a heat pump that uses
seawater, and cooling via radiant floor. The bottom line is a water-use
reduction of 60% to 70% over similarly sized convention centers. And
convention goers won’t be the only beneficiaries: The building itself
is stitched into the urban fabric, with 130,000 square-foot waterside
promenade, and another 120,000 square feet of public plazas–which will be on display to the world, when the convention center becomes the broadcast headquarters during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

UPDATE: Here’s audio of Budge’s full interview with Hemstock.

[Via Treehugger]

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