• 08.04.09

The Most Popular Cash for Clunkers Vehicles

By any measure, Cash for Clunkers has been a raging success. The U.S. government program, which allotted $1 billion for consumers who trade in their gas-guzzling old vehicles for fuel-efficient ones, has already run out of funds after only a week in operation. Wondering which cars got the boot and which have been flying off the showroom floor?


A few items of note: Ford sells 8 out of the 10 most traded-in vehicles and only two of the most purchased, but the program has allowed Ford to report its first monthly sales increase in over a year. In other words, every car company on the most purchased vehicle list is probably having a party right now.


Also, the Prius is the only hybrid on the most purchased list. That means the majority of Americans still think of the Prius as the quintessential hybrid vehicle, despite the fact that a number of hybrids have popped up since the Prius’s inception.

The Ten Most Traded-In Vehicles (vehicle’s EPA mileage)
1. 1998 Ford Explorer (14-17 mpg)
2. 1997 Ford Explorer (14-18 mpg)
3. 1996 Ford Explorer (14-18 mpg)
4. 1999 Ford Explorer (14-18 mpg)
5. Jeep Grand Cherokee
6. Jeep Cherokee
7. 1995 Ford Explorer (15-18 mpg)
8. 1994 Ford Explorer (15-18 mpg)
9. 1997 Ford Windstar (18 mpg)
10. 1999 Dodge Caravan (16-18 mpg)


The Ten Most Purchased Vehicles (vehicle’s EPA mileage)
1. Ford Focus (27-28 mpg)
2. Honda Civic (24-42 mpg)
3. Toyota Corolla (25-30 mpg)
4. Toyota Prius (46 mpg)
5. Ford Escape (20-32 mpg)
6. Toyota Camry (23-34 mpg)
7. Dodge Caliber (22-27 mpg)
8. Hyundai Elantra (26-28 mpg)
9. Honda Fit (29-31 mpg)
10. Chevy Cobalt (25-30 mpg)

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