Decide Who You Want to Be, and then Act The Part!

When I first became a CEO I had no idea how to do it. I dove into business books and found out something superfast: to some extent, all first-time CEOs are making it up as they go along. This is what you do with a new job, a new role in life or business, a new community you are joining. You’re declaring yourself to be something you aren’t yet. You are intending it. You are choosing it. You’re declaring victory as you step onto the battlefield. Then you’re doing what it takes—applying the required skills and the hard work—to succeed in this new role.


To some degree, what we put forth to others is always an illusion, so why not try one that makes you more powerful and effective.  You see, it’s a simple strategy for success — and the best part about picking an illusion, which also could be called a self-image, is that you can change it if it doesn’t work. Some illusions along the way didn’t empower me, so I moved on. Don’t like what you see? Reinvent yourself!


The key is finding out what feeds your soul: which job, relationship, lifestyle, or type of community service lead you to bigger places and better lives. The tricky part is when you’ve invested a lot in a given illusion and it’s not working for you. Will you know when it’s time to cut and run, to stop throwing good time and money after bad? Will you be honest enough to know whether it’s time to move on or whether it’s time to stay and stretch? Will you have the courage to follow through? Remember, it’s not an “act” – it’s just embracing the powerful and amazing role that you’re headed TOWARD. 

So how do we know when that is the situation we’re in? When it’s the right time to make a break and create a CHANGE? Here’s a good exercise to do to find out. Ask yourself the following questions:

·         What does my current self-image “say” to others? What message does it project?

·         Do I feel powerful and capable with my current self-image?

·         If you’re not satisfied with it, what’s keeping you from changing? Complete this sentence: “If I could only [fill in the blank], I’d rule.” Now go out and do what it takes to fill that blank in.

·         Does my current self-image have untapped potential? Can I stretch/extend it to take me where I want to go?


Take some time with those questions – an honest self-assessment based on answers to these will help you determine if it’s time to be a quick-change artist and change your image and direction!  

Sometimes you’ll need to take several factors into consideration. You need to time your “quick change” in order to take into account money, family, and other factors. We need to be practical. Not everyone can move at an external speedy pace while still being responsible. I’m not advocating quitting your job before you’ve got your next gig lined up. I am, however, advocating quitting your destructive illusions—and pronto.  Your LIFE gets to be what YOU want it to be – as long as you’re willing to make the investment to learn and create and build a better future.

Answer these questions in two ways.  Answer them honestly, in the “right now” – and then take some time to imagine the life you WANT to live.  Then answer questions 1 and 2 again, in the present tense, as if you were living that life.  (This is visualizing SUCCESS.)  Use them to create specific images and feelings around what that success will look and feel like.  Now put that page in your wallet and on your fridge and read it every single day to stay encouraged and FOCUSED.  You have a better life waiting, and you’re willing to invest the hard work to create it.


Christine Comaford, CEO Freedom Fighter!
CEO of Mighty Ventures, Inc.
NY Times Best Selling Author 



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About the author

New York Times bestselling author Christine Comaford is CEO of Mighty Ventures, an innovation accelerator which helps businesses to massively increase sales, product offerings, and company value. She has built and sold 5 of her own businesses with an average 700% return on investment, served as a board director or in-the-trenches advisor to 36 startups, and has invested in over 200 startups (including Google) as a venture capitalist or angel investor